We are the new r/eos Mods! Ask Us Anything!

Feel free to tag us individually for specific questions.

Please keep stick to r/eos questions, boarder questions about EOS, depending on the context, might or might not receive an answer.

And as per our new moderation policy, which is that r/eos should only contain discussions relating to the EOS mainnet, questions relating to EOSIO chains will not receive an answer at all unless it relates to an on-chain function of EOS.

Top left to right:

u/BluaBaleno – Jacques, Founder of, fully on-chain, privacy-focused decentralized social and DeFi dapp on EOS.

u/deanpress – Dean, founder and lead developer of Compendia/), the Wikipedia of databases, for apps and smart contracts.

u/eosgo – manned by Jerry – EOS Go is the leading source of EOS news.

u/EOSNation – manned by Stéphane Bisson, EOS Nation is a top block producer on EOS, WAX, Ultra and BOS.

u/rektkid_ – anonymous, EOS OG, been here since day 0. He’s lurking around here somewhere.

Bottom left to right.

u/Sapere4ude – also known as Zendealer on Twitter. Updated all of the new r/eos information.

u/RiverKingfisher – Chaney Moore, Chief Business Officer at

u/zackgall – Zack Gall, host of the popular EverythingEOS show and Community Lead at LiquidDapps.

u/eoswatchdogs – manned by DataJunky, also the admin of the EOS telegram channel.

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