Alright, some of you may know, but a major competitor to JustSwap just launched, called USWAP. They already have a staking coin, UME, which I bought at 47 trx and is now 400 trx, and it is rising by the minute. USWAP is going to overthrow JustSwap because it is not linked in any way to Sun foundation, which makes it in a way properly decentralized. Yall need to start using it. If you have liquidity on Just Swap, go put it on USWAP instead and just patiently await the gratitude that will build up inside of you when you realize how good of a decision it was to use the DEX exchange that will overthrow JustSwap in no time. Add liquidity to USDT TRX on USWAP and stake the LP token to get the sweet sweet UME token, which will have many use in the future and which I don’t recommend selling. Even though I made 5x already, I am holding it because it is going to keep on rising with the supply it has. I’m just saying, you do you. There is no affiliate or referrals on this platform. Go check it out and if you have questions let me know. is the website.

The UME will soon be used in GENESIS mining of a coin with 35000 supply (EFT). You know what can happen with these. We’re pulling a YFI here. Those who read what I said here and take action will be rewarded greatly. I’m just saying.

We’re draining the usdt off justswap and adding it to USWAP. If you see price fluctuations of USDT on JustSwap, you know why. Come make history!

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