After all the craziness with the Swap app (Uni, Sushi, Sake) and just the fact that gas fees were insane(and still are), I needed a system that would alert me when the gas price is the cheapest

I saw few websites but none were offering the alert parts

So I created an app and a telegram bot that will let you set up alerts depending on the limit you want to reach: meet Thessala!

If the limit is reached, meaning the limit you setup < gas price, a telegram message will be sent to you to let you know that (To avoid spamming user, a limit at 10mins per message has been set. When an alert is sent to your phone, the next one will be sent 10mins after)

As a bonus, because some websites are not as easy as we thought on mobile, you’ll just have to send: /price to receive directly the gas price for (in GWEI):

  • Safe
  • Average
  • and Fast transactions

It’s a Beta version for now, so if you see something wrong or want other features, don’t hesitate to send feedback!


To start and try to know the best moment to reduce your gas fees, you’re one click away:

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