Reinvigorated O3 is on the way! Join the AMA with New O3 Labs starting at 21:00 on Jun.18 (UTC+8). Total 40 NEO awards for the 10 best questions!!!

Hi Neo community and O3 fans,

Welcome to tonight’s AMA with the new O3 team! We are honored to inherit the O3 name while contributing to the Neo ecosystem and advancing the project’s vision. Under the new leadership, we are upgrading and optimizing our original series of products while also adding more high-quality services, such as NFT, Defi, hardware wallet support, and more. Just a heads up, but we hope to release a new version of the O3 wallet as early as June!

To cover as many time zones as possible, we will accept questions from now till the end of Jun.19 (UTC+8). Blue (Develop Lead) and Sophy (Operation Lead) will begin to answer your questions starting at 21:00, Jun.18 (UTC+8).

More info about the team members:

Please leave your questions as comments below this post and follow the guidelines.


➢ Please do not reply to other users’ questions until Blue and Sophy have answered!

➢ Try to be precise with your questions!

➢ Check existing comments first, and don’t ask the same questions.


★ Best 10 questions 4 NEO each

Looking forward to meeting the O3 fans and answering your questions 🙂

O3 Team

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