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The latest behavior of the misbehaving (malicious) nodes is to report an erroneous target height. The nodes basically report a height that is a few blocks higher than the actual height without actually transmitting block data (note that this block data is in fact non-existent) to the honest node. This causes the honest node to think that they are out of sync with the network. Any user using a honest affected node for the wallet sync will also be affected, as the wallet sync will not complete fully (i.e. it will get stuck on a few blocks remaining). If you use the most recent version (v0.17.1.3(4)), your node will not be affected by their behavior. The upcoming GUI v0.17.1.5 release will further filter affected remote nodes in order to ensure Simple mode and Simple mode (bootstrap) users do not experience issues.

Thus, please upgrade your node to v0.17.1.3(4) as soon as possible. If you know a remote node operator, please contact them and make them aware of this post. The most recent CLI and GUI releases can be found here:

P.S. Make sure to use the --ban-list flag, which is available in v0.17.1.3(4) (a list of offending IPs managed by selsta can be found here), to prohibit the attacker from connecting to your node.

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