We are looking for people who got (allegedly) scammed by OpenLedger (deposited crypto to their DEX and didn’t get it back). Criminal complaint will be filed in Denmark and we are looking for ex-clients of OpenLedger who can help us by providing additional evidence to make the case stronger, specifically:

  1. Emails sent to and received from the OpenLedger support (support AT – “Immediate action required! – Your claim as to OL DEX announcement of closing down”, “KYC and AML process as part of claim settlement” and any other emails.
    Emails sent to and received from Ronny Boesing. Chat conversations with Ronny Boesing or other OpenLedger representatives.
  2. Written testimony under your real name (for the criminal complaint and court proceedings) confirming that you sent crypto to OpenLedger (deposited it via their Bitshares gateway) for the purpose of trading and now are unable to withdraw it.
  3. Any other information which might be relevant in court – addresses to which you have deposited crypto, screenshots or backups of the website, etc.

Persons who help us with the evidence will be included in our claim. We are already in touch with many OpenLedger ex-clients, but I’m looking for more people who got scammed, as this will make the case stronger. We work with lawyers in Denmark and other people who can help to resolve this issue and we will not stop unless either OpenLedger gives back deposited crypto or person responsible for this (alleged) fraud is in jail.

How to get in touch?
Contact me either on Reddit or email me at hwtu20 (at) protonmail dot com. You can also send me your telegram handle for faster communication.

But OpenLedger sent me an email promising payment in 6-12 months!
Yes, they sent emails to some of their clients asking for KYC and promising payment in 6-12 months, but so far nobody has received any crypto since they closed down in April 2020! So, they are obviously just trying to buy time.

Background: OL DEX is closing all activities – April 2020 (google “openledger closing” if it gets taken down)

Company info: OpenLedger ApS, Copenhagen Fintech Lab, Applebys Plads 7, 1411 Copenhagen, Denmark. Registration (CRV) number: 35809171

Responsible person: Ronny Boesing
Full name: Thorvald Peder Kristian Ronny Boesing. Living in Pandrup, Denmark.
He was the sole beneficial owner and director of the company from 20.03. 2014 until 15.10. 2020. According to the Danish law, the management of a company is personally liable for losses occurring from fraudulent activity.

Websites:, (main page is down)

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