Novem Gold AMA Round #2 Updates: NNN to be listed on NASH Friday 3 July 2020

Dear NEO and Novem Gold Community,

Welcome to the second AMA with Novem Gold. We are happy to announce the next big step with regards to growing our ecosystem while contributing to NEOs overall vision of a smart economy.

For everyone

To cover as many time zones as possible, we will accept questions from July 3rd till the end of July 5th (UTC+2). Fouad (COO) will begin to answer your questions starting at 8:00, July 6th (UTC+2).

Please leave your questions as comments below this post and follow the guidelines.


➢ Please do not reply to other users’ questions until Fouad has answered!

➢ Try to be precise with your questions!

➢ Check existing comments first, and don’t ask the same questions.


★ Best 10 questions 40 NVM each

We are happy to inform all those who are already familiar with our project about the latest developments. To all those who do not know our project yet, first of all a warm greeting, and we are looking forward to every single question.

Novem Gold Team

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