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About 5 days ago, I bought some XMR for the first time on Kraken with XRP I transferred from Coinbase. I downloaded the XMR blockchain and set up my own local node. I am using my new hardware wallet (Trezor Model T) with Monero GUI version (Qt 5.9.9). I then sent my Kraken XMR balance to my hardware wallet and the XMR never showed up. I have triple checked the address I put into Kraken and recovered the hardware wallet to a view-only wallet. I tried to connect using a trusted remote node, and still nothing. Tried connecting via TOR, VPN, and clearnet. I am doing all of this on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS if it matters.

Has anyone had problems withdrawing XMR from Kraken in the past week or so?

I know the network is currently under attack and I am worried I lost my money…definitely doesn’t make a good first impression for Monero…

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