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Issue Discussion Call # 5 | Budget Modification Process


0:00 Introduction
1:18 Agenda
3:39 Current Budget Policy
6:54 Recent Budget Policy/Process Issues Discussed
9:24 How are Budget Issues being Addressed?
13:05 MIP40 Reform Proposal
24:08 Open Questions
1:08:25 Conclusion


GovComms Engagement Lead @thomas.flitter leads a discussion on the Core Unit Budget Modification Process.

As MakerDAO continues to grow and expand, each Core Unit is required to update and manage its budget. This issue discussion call provides an overview of the current challenges surrounding core unit budget modification and proposed solutions for improving the overall process. This call features the Strategic Finance Core Unit members, who will be putting out a MIP40 revision soon.

▼Tentative Agenda▼

– Welcome and Introductions
– What are the policies that currently drive the budget modification process?
– What are the biggest concerns with the existing budget modification process?
– How can we improve the budget proposal process?
– Open Discussion


Call Notes:

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