Intro to TrueFi | Decentralized lending with ZERO collateral

Meet TrueFi, the decentralized lending platform designed for uncollateralized loans on the blockchain.

TrueFi allows lenders approved by TRU holders to receive substantial loans – initially denominated in dollar-backed TUSD stablecoin – without putting up any assets to guarantee repayment.

Watch our full video to understand the interaction between platform participants, liquidity providers, and lenders.

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TrueUSD is a digital currency fully backed by the dollar – also known as a stablecoin – with all the stability of the US Dollar, and all the benefits to the ease, cost, and speed of movement of cryptocurrencies.

TrustToken offers 5 stable digital currencies transparently built on the ERC-20 blockchain protocol, denominated in: USD, HKD, CAD, AUD, or GBP. All our stable coins are attested every 30 seconds to guarantee the reserves backing your tokens.

The video shown above is for educational purposes only, and represents a product still in development. All elements of this project are subject to change.

Before minting or redeeming TrueCurrencies, please review the Terms of Use at and consult with your own financial adviser

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