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Team Updates

Smart Contracts

  • Weekly executive added BAL-A and YFI-A to the system as well as some DC adjustments.
  • UNI-V2-DAI-ETH 3 and UNI-V2-USDC-ETH ERC20 Token Smart Contract Technical Assessments are published.
  • Working on a forum post for changes about flash loans in DS Chief 1.2, migration steps, and revealing the timeline.
  • SamM @hexonaut resurrected PSM idea. M is for machine, thanks Sam!
  • Wil Barns is no longer with foundation but he’s on the smart contract domain team working for the DAO.
  • Foundation continues to work on liquidations 2.0 and working with auditors.


  • Rounding out what we expect to do by end of year. Collateral onboarding assessments coming soon.
  • Welcome @marcandu to oracles team!


  • RenBTC risk assessment published with conservative risk parameters.
  • Plan to onboard tBTC and renBTC by end of the year.
  • RWA group will release risk assessment template specifically for real world assets.
  • Evaluating Dust
    parameters for minimum, will post in the forums.
  • DROP token evaluations (2 of them)

Operations and Community Development

  • Operations side working on framework for public road map.
  • Working with domain teams form and propose budgets, more details in a forum post coming soon.
  • Autonomous MakerDAO working group 1 update coming soon.
  • Working with senior leads in Comm Dev to define our objectives for the next 6 months.
  • There is a podcast forum poll, check it out if you have feedback on audio format of G&R updates.

Collateral Onboarding


Other Presentations and Updates

Community Development Portal

hexonaut Discussed MIP 29: Peg Stability Module


  • DAI price remains at an average of $1.01
  • The DAI supply rises to around 993 million
  • Largest collateral types diversifying with well collateralized vaults.

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