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As TrueFi becomes increasingly owned and managed by its community, learn to drive changes to the protocol by following this guide

TrueFi has always been shaped by its community, and following the unanimous is the hub for TrueFi proposals, built on the Discourse app. It serves as a public home for reasonably well-scoped proposal that are then discussed critically and at some length, to guarantee all ideas that eventually impact TrueFi are as considered as possible.

Most proposals, like the addition of new portfolio managers or borrowers, as well as treasury funding requests, follow certain recommended templates. It’s advise each proposal detail start with a summary of the proposal, offer some background on how the proposal was generated, detail any important considerations for discussion, and finally outline the implication of approving or rejecting the proposal.

Each proposal is subject to a three to five day discussion period culminating in a non-binding poll, usually “For” or “Against.” If a favoring vote, the idea heads to the next stop in the governance journey, Snapshot.

From Idea to On-Chain: Journey of a TrueFi Gov Proposal was originally published in TrueFi on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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