Earn with Crypto: Using TrueRewards with Wallets | Trust Relay Series

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In this video: we look into how wallet developers can integrate TrueRewards into their wallet, allowing their users to earn on their holdings natively.

Trust Relay is open finance infrastructure designed to make the best earning opportunities available to the masses, while using assurance to make these opportunities safer for all.

Through a smart contract upgrade to TrueUSD, anyone can now earn open finance rewards on the TUSD they hold in any Ethereum wallet.

With the launch of TrustToken Assurance, these earning opportunities are made safer through an assurance pool of staked TrustTokens, reducing systemic risk to new lenders.

Together, the Trust Relay brings the best of centralized & decentralized finance to all, and does so more safely.

The video shown above is for educational purposes only. Before minting or redeeming TrueCurrencies, please review the Terms of Use at and consult with your own financial adviser.

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