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Collateral Onboarding Call #44 | Kredika AMA

MakerDAO Forum Post:

Kredika is a purpose built legal framework and technology solution to bring real-world assets (RWA) into the domain of decentralized finance. Kredika has recently submitted a MIP6 application 4 to onboard a UK-based diversified portfolio of property-secured loans as collateral through the use of their ERC20-compliant Kredika Tokens. The solutions enabling the Kredika Tokens are custom built, and aim to provide the highest degree of transparency for underlying collateral on a loan-by-loan level.

The team behind Kredika has laid out a 2 stage approach to fully implementing their solution into MakerDAO’s ecosystem. For stage 1, Kredika plans to open a $100M USD institutional vault with the initial focus of comprehensive testing the infrastructure for tokenization and portfolio management.

Stage 2 will introduce scaling solutions, and potentially position Kredika as an arranger for other approved participants to build new collateral pools.

Max Chmyshuk @Max11 – Co-founder & CEO of Kredika
Artem Tolkachev @ATolkachev – Co-founder & CIO of Kredika
Victoria Vaksman – Chairperson at Kredika
Jon Harrison – CFO & Head of Credit at Kredika

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