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Richard Ells & Jane King Innovators Interview – Part 1 | Electroneum

If you missed it, here’s the interview between journalist Jane King and Richard Ells, that was aired on Fox Business, KRON4 News and Bloomberg. Find out more at: ➤ Visit us on social media! ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ We’re also Blockfolio:

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Cryptocurrency News Electroneum

Richard Ells Replies To CZ_Binance | Electroneum

Electroneum’s Richard Ells asks Binance’s CZ to take another look at ETN listing in a video message. Electroneum CEO and Founder Richard Ells sends Binance’s Changpeng Zhao a video message asking him to list ETN and proposing a potential joint venture in developing countries. Find out more at: ➤ Visit us on social media! ➤ […]

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Cryptocurrency News Electroneum

Bring on the influencers!

“We are delighted to announce we have signed a contract with, a platform that provides unlimited direct access to thousands of influencers,” said Jonathan. “This will help us further our massive marketing campaign scheduled to go full swing in September.” submitted by /u/Plankton_Etn [link] [comments]

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