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Ethereum Second-Layer Scalability Still Needs Work, Says Starkware CEO

Uri Kolodny, co-founder and CEO of blockchain firm StarkWare, told Cointelegraph that Ethereum’s second-layer scalability solutions still need some work. Uri Kolodny, co-founder and CEO of blockchain firm StarkWare, told Cointelegraph that Ethereum second-layer scalability solutions still need some work. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin claimed on June 1 that the blockchain’s layer-two scaling initial deployment […]

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An Inside Look Into the Surprisingly Friendly Rivalry Between Ledger and Trezor

The Ledger vs. Trezor beef has a long history, but Ledger’s CTO efforts may have fanned the flames as he reported vulnerabilities his team discovered in its competitor. Trezor and Ledger, two of the most prominent hardware wallet manufacturers, have long been locked in a rivalry. As part of Cointelegraph’s interview with Charles Guillemet, the […]

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MakerDAO Community Call June 02nd, 2020: DAORUSHWEEK Edition

Maker is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) that manages the Maker Protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. This video is a weekly community call that covers all Technical Milestones, Online Events, Partnerships, New Hires, Highlights from the Community, Real-Life Events, and more. Every now and then we even have a guest. This week’s call did not cover […]

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Nearly $1.4 Billion have been lost to crimes involving cryptocurrency in 2020, Analytics Firm Reveals (Zycrypto)

It’s true that the crypto space is awash with criminal masterminds looking to make a buck off the back of unsuspecting victims. Every year, multiple incidents are reported where fraudsters, hackers, and other thieves make away with huge crypto stashes. According to a new report released by renowned blockchain analytics firm, CipherTrace, the first 5 […]

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Ripple Subreddit Rules, Helpful Links & Answers to Common Questions – READ BEFORE POSTING

You must read our rules before participating in r/Ripple Helpful links and answers to common questions will be updated frequently so check back often   Please report any post or comment that violates our rules. There is no exception to the 10 karma/7-day account age rule. Individual comments may still be approved. Beginner questions that […]

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