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‘How to Buy Bitcoin in India’: Crypto Exchange Offers Rewards for Videos in All Indian Languages

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Wazirx is offering rewards for videos about how to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in India in all Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, and Telugu. caught up with Wazirx CEO Nischal Shetty to find out how his program works. ‘How to Buy Crypto in India’ Videos in […]

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Diamonds Are (Finally) Forever on the Ethereum Blockchain

A company founded by Jacques Voorhees, father of ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees, is offering NFTs representing diamonds on the OpenSea marketplace. Non fungible tokens (NFT) representing diamonds have made their way to the OpenSea marketplace.  In the past, there have been quite a few attempts to tokenize diamonds and other precious stones and metals. But […]

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70% of Crypto Twitter: Bitcoin Will Trade Above $20k by End of 2021

Since Bitcoin peaked at $20,000, investors have been asking when that high will be breached. For over two years, BTC hasn’t been even close to accomplishing that feat. A new poll by a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, however, suggests that many think Bitcoin will soon trade above its $20,000 high. Related Reading: Crypto Tidbits: TikTok’s Dogecoin Craze, […]

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Aggregate ERC20 Market Cap Outpaces Valuation of ETH in Circulation by $2 Billion

Data now shows that the aggregate market valuation for all the ERC20 tokens in existence has surpassed the market capitalization of Ethereum’s native coins. According to data, the net worth of the ERC20 token ecosystem is roughly $2.5 billion larger than the $26.7 billion Ethereum valuation. The cryptocurrency community has been discussing the aggregate market […]

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