Ask Me Anything with Vin Armani and Alex Ugorji

💻 Live-stream Highlight: Ask Me Anything with Vin Armani from and Alex Ugorji from

0:00 Introduction
1:00 The narrative has changed
5:30 The ‘Free State Project’
10:00 Re-writing the financial norms
15:40 Building a sustainable crypto industry
18:10 Questions from chat

💰 Bitcoin Cash: Scaling the Globe: 2020 Bitcoin Cash Conference & Fork Day Celebration
More than 50 speakers joined together this August 1st 2020 – for an online conference that aimed to chart a path forward towards scaling and mass adoption for the top 5 cryptocurrency [BCH].

📹 Original Stream:…
Video Streamed on August 1st 2020.

🏆 Our goal is to get the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem excited about building the future of Bitcoin Cash.

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